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On 6/10/15 3:46 PM, Kendra Womack Ickes wrote:
 Hello Tammara,

Thank you for helping Jessica host such a lovely retreat for her sisters!  Her wedding was really beautiful and everyone kept talking about how awesome the gathering was.  They said the fire ceremony was wonderful too...sorry I missed it!  It was lovely to revisit the Center of Healing, and it reminded me of what a beautiful place you have created.



On 6/12/15 2:49 PM, Jessica Bastian wrote:
Hi Tammara!

I just wanted to send you a quick note to touch base:) I just had my wedding last Saturday, and I feel like I can breathe again!My bachelorette retreat at your beautiful Center of Healing was life-changing for many women who attended. Because of that weekend, so many positive changes have occurred for so many of us. Thank you so much again for creating such an intentional, grounding, and inspiring setting.

Jessica Bastian



"Tammara at the Center of Healing is beautiful like a willow tree.... dainty, but super strong, and always found near abundant sources of water.".. 

Rita Nolan Decmber 2014

Salt Lake, Utah



"She is a amazing healer," says my husband Jason who used to be very skeptical.

I remember, he would say, "They didn't have all those drugs 50 years ago," when I would try to get him to even take aspirin to help cope with his chronic pain from doing mechanical work since he was 6 years old. He had several issues: chronic shoulder pain, a major fracture and sprained ankle, and was diagnosed with shingles when my angel Tammara saved my husband.

I think the definition of medicine is a healer which is exactly what she is but you have to be open to it! We have always been believers in essential oils and home remedies from our Mother Earth and now Tammara has broadened our view to the depth of natural options — such as reflexology and acupressure. The hands on work she offers really heals.

"It worked when I believed in what she was doing, even though I didn't do 100% of what was asked of me. I continue to use it on a daily basis, she has changed our lives forever and I am truly grateful!"

Nichole and Jason Bishop
Hagerman, Idaho


It's so nice to find someone in my village where I don't have to drive up to Los Angeles for natural medicine and healing. Instead, I have the privilege to drive up to "the hill" where the energy is peaceful, just like Tammara Guterman.

I have known Tammara for over 5 years, first, through a mutual friend. When I heard she was training as a homeopath and needed case studies, I said, "Sign me up!" I have poured my heart and soul to Tammara and have learned so much about myself in the process. I have learned that I want a "quick fix" to problems, medical ailments, etc. Tammara has assisted and witnessed as I am slowing down and trusting in my body's natural ability to heal. This has translated to my children where I have entrusted her to be part of their health care and emotional well-being.

Because I, too, am a healer and counselor, I have looked to Tammara so that I can be of better service to those along my own path. I choose Tammara as a source to help ground me because I have witnessed her commitment to growth and self-discovery. I get to bear witness to her successes and am proud to be part of hers and (my) journey.

Lisa Pedersen
woman, wife, mom, friend, counselor, teacher



Dr. Doug's testimonial's
on the Sacred Drum making retreat- Enter a sacred space on the lawn, in the shade of a tree, on the bank of the Snake River. Sound of water falls from the opposite river bank is constant. Sound of rushing water soothes my spirit. A beautiful group of soul mates attends. The process of making a drum is more expansive than the simple act. Doubts emerge. Ego emerges. Even competition. I move through all of this with expert guidance. The space creates presence. The drum is cured. The drum is played in solitude. The drum is played with the group around the fire pit at night with moon rising. Connected energy is present. It is sad to depart.
-          Maitri Breathwork- The group gathers on the bank of the Snake river the evening prior to the Breathwork. Some camp on the lawn. Others occupy quarters in the house and in the rustic cabins on the property. A beautiful garden greets us. We eat from the bounty of the garden. There are chickens, rabbits, and donkeys to enliven the space. The donkeys want to follow us into our cabin. The grounds are beautiful. Tammara is a gracious hostess for us all. The breathwork session took place in a grand room in the house. Plenty of space for about 20 people. Windows look out on the lawn and the river. The ceremony and the support are immaculate. Clear intention to all details. No disharmony entered the space during the weekend. All was beauty.
-          Land- This is sacred land. Sights, sound and water. Snake River flows. Wild life in abundance. Birds of all types swoop in and out. Wind rushing through the trees. Sound of water falls from the springs across the way. Continual sound of water flowing. The hot spring pool is immaculate. Two temperatures to test. One is heating (about 104 degrees) the other seems near body temperature. You can float in it for an hour or more and maintain temperature (not too hot, not too cool, and just right).

Be in beauty. Be on the path of beauty.
Your friend,
Calvin AKA
Doug Hasbrouck, MD
Medical Director , HealthInsight, Utah
756 East Winchester Street, Suite 200
Salt Lake City, Utah 84107


"You are my morning cup of coffee, my little pick me up."-Rossana Simon

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